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Add: (Export Office) 168 - 27#, No.168, DINGMAO QIAO ROAD, ZHENJIANG, JIANGSU, CHINA
Tel: 0511-8889 3918
Fax: 0511-8889 3908
Email: lhsheng@zjcuttingtools.com
MSN: lhsheng@pub.zj.jsinfo.net
SKYPE: zjcuttingtools
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 ZJ CUTTING TOOLS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.  founded in 1991, Member of  ZHENJIANG SCHARP MACHINERY TOOLS CO., LTD., factory is located in beautiful Yangtse Delta. we are mainly specializes in producing metal cutting tools and woodworking cutting tools for export.our products 100% exported, Now all our products are exported to U.S.A,Canada, Europe, South America, South Africa, South-East Asia, Taiwan and so on countries and regions with the sales of 5,000,000$ by own-running and enjoy a good reputation for high quality and favourable prices. The factory equipment is fine ,the test means meticulous and the workmanship exquisite. 

The products are manufactured according to standard, And we an make products according to your special drawing and follows the standard of ISO/ANSI/DIN/JIS,ETC. We warmly welcome the customers at home and broad to our company for cooperation! If you have interest in our products please contact me. We will supply you with high quality products and best price and service.

Our products range cover mainly four series:
    1)Hole Saw Series:
    BI-Metal Hole Saw, T.C.T Hole Saw, HSS Hole Saw, Stainless Steel Hole Saw, HSS Spot Weld Miller( HSS Double End Hole Saw ), HSS Hole Cutters, TCT Hole Cutters, HSSCo8% Rail Cutter, TCT Rail Cutter, HSS Annular Cutter, T.C.T Annular Cutter, T.C.T Core Drill Bits, Sintered Diamond Hole Saw, Diamond Coated Hole Saw, Woodworking TCT Hole Saw, Adjustable T.C.T Hole Cutter for Tile, Adjustable Hole Cutters, Adjustable Hole Cutters with A Protection Cowl, HCS Hole Saw, Carbide Grit Hole Saw.  ETC.

    2)Metal cutting tools Series:
    Spiral Grooved HSS Step Drill, Straight Grooved HSS Step Drill, HSS Conical Drills ( HSS Taper Drill Bits ), HSS Countersinks, HSS Counterbores, HSS Interchangeable Pilot Counterbores Sets, HSS Machine Taps, Hand Taps, HSS Dies, Solid Carbide Drill Bits, HSS Drill Bit, Solid Carbide End Mills, HSS End Mills, HSS Roughing End Mills, HSS Ball Nose End Mills, HSS Milling Cutters, HSS Dovetail Cutters, HSS Woodruff Keyseat Cutter, HSS T-Slot Cutters, HSS Corner Rounding End Mills, HSS Plain Milling Cutters, HSS Side & Face Milling Cutter, Carbide Index Face Mill, Solid Carbide Reamer, HSS Machine Reamer, HSS Hand Reamer, HSS Slitting Saw, HSS Hand Tools, HSS & HSS Co Tool Bits, HSS Broaches, Carbide Indexable Tool Holders, Self Locking Cut-off Tools. ETC.

    3)Woodworking cutting tools series:
    Auger bits, Quad Augers ( New 4 Flute Auger Bits ), Snake Head Auger Bits, Bell Hanger Bits, Forstner Bits, Mulit Angle Drill Bits, Self-feed Forstner Bits, Vix Bits ( Self Centering Drill Bits ), Carbide Router Bits & Set, HSS Router Bits, Carbide Tipped Door Raised Panel Cutter, Spade Bits, Cork bits, Plug Cutter, Tenon, Dowel and Plug Cutters, 22 pcs HSS Tapered drill bits Set, 22 pcs Tapered drill bits Set, Wood turning tools, 45°& 90°HSS Step Drill Bits, HSS Saw Drill Bits, Adjustable Countersinks Drill Bits, Wood Countersinks, Depth Stop Drill Bit Collars, Hand Drills, Brace Hand Drills, Brad Point Drill Bits, TCT Brad Point Drill Bits, HSS Brad Point Drill Bits, Expansive Bits, TCT Saw Blade, HSS Turning Tools Set, TCT Turning Tools Set, Wood Carving Chisels Set, Jig Saw Blade, Reciprocating Saw Blades. ETC.

    4)Other Cutting tools series (Construction Tools ):
    Ridgid Screw extractor, Glass Drill Bits (Tile Bit), T.C.T Tapcon Drill Bits, SDS-Plus Hammer Drill Bits, SDS-Max Hammer Drill Bits, Spline Shank Drill Bits, Masonry Drills, SDS Adapter, Concrete Drill Bits, Universal Drill Bits, Multi-purpose Drill Bits, High Helix Masonry Drill Bits, Chisels, TCT Bell Hanger Bits, Carbide Burrs, Diamond Burrs & HSS Burrs, Power Tools Accessory Kit, Quick Change Chuck, Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond tools, Steel Files & Woodworking Files, ETC.