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Arbors & Accessories for Hole Saws


Bi-metal Hole Saw Assortments. These assortments include the most popular sizes of Hole Saws, with Arbors and Drills , for general purpose use, and come in a sturdy, durable plastic case that's compact and easy to handle, choose the assortment best-suited to your needs.


Item No.          Specification

5030017    Adapter arbors with 1/2-20 threads to fit 5/8-18

5030018    Ejector Spring, fits all 1/4" pilot drills

5030019    Extension Shank, 5-1/2" (140mm)
                Extension Shank, 10" (250mm)
                Extension Shank, 12" (300mm)
                Extension Shank , 18" (450mm)

5030020    1/4" HSS Pilot Drill, 72mm Long

5030021    1/4" HSS Pilot Drill, 104mm Long

5030022    1/4" HSS Pilot Drill with 3 Flat shank, 102mm Long

5030023    Hexagonal Wrench

5030024    Drive Plate for 67mm to 152mm

5030025    Drive Plate for 105mm to 210mm